When love becomes a trademark .


Tuscany, Florence.
A place of unique flavors and exceptional wines. A place of great artistic tradition. A land of ancient craftsmen with a long tradition of high-end leather goods production. In this contest our ideas come to life every day.

After years of design and production for many brands, the personal project House of Florence was born: a hymn of love towards this profession and every step that leads to the birth of a bag, from design to production.
Thanks to our small team, which has been working together for years, we have combined experience and passion, and we have been able to carry out this project.
The result is an aesthetic where color is our language, fashion is our guide, women are our muses.
What stand out is the distinctive approach to color and form. House of Florence is fun and flirty, practicality and authenticity.
Each product gives women the freedom to bring their individuality to light. For today’s women, women with roots in tradition and spirit in innovation. Women who seek attention to detail. Women who play with seduction and refinement, enjoying life.


Email: info@houseofflorenceonline.com